i know this makeup thing is super intimidating... 

New England & Boston Makeup Artist for the Natural Glam Bride's and Girlies

In 2021 and after almost a decade of working in the beauty industry,  I was able to quit my teaching job and fully dedicate myself to my passion of making people feel beautiful. Now, I travel all over New England undoing the trauma many experienced from the 2016 era of cut creases and sharpie brows.  My work has been featured in Vigour Magazine, Flanelle Magazine, Martha Stuart Wedding's Magazine, Worcester Living Magazine and on NBC's 'The Hub'. 

hey, i'm chelsea


Now that we got all that               stuff out of the way...

if you're here, you might have a story of an artist who overfilled your brows and used a purple lipstick when you asked for neutral. Or, you've never gotten makeup done and the whole process is scary and intimidating. 

I believe your wedding morning shouldn't be stuffy or serious and neither should your makeup artist. 

get it

I'm serious about your big day beauty

I'm serious about providing a laid back and approachable experience.

and I’m serious about soft and effortless makeup and never forcing anyone into a red lip (unless that's your vibe)

i'm an ex elementary special ed teacher

when i'm not doing your glam, you can find me at trader joes


i'm a lowkey swiftie and a highkey trap (music) queen

i'm an astrology nerd


"I wish I could pocket Chelsea and carry her around with me everyday"

- Amanda

"From the moment I met Chelsea, I knew I was in good hands."

- Monica

"chelsea is just a bright light to be around while you get your makeup done"


"10/10 you must book Chelsea"

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Ready for the best natural glam of your dreams?